Relevant Tire Disposal Information

Our clients at Quick Tires Recycling feel confident that we collect and recycle their scrap tires in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. All scrap tires collected are then converted into different kinds of reusable materials.

Careless Tire Disposal Cases

Along the years, our company has assisted property owners with concerns about irresponsibly disposed tires. These people have experienced hundreds and even thousands of improperly thrown tires in their parking lots. In the end, owners have had to pay for the removal.

Some tire disposal companies have also been negligent in removing scrap tires for their clients. These people end up throwing the tires in forests, parking lots, and abandoned properties.

Illegal Dumping of Tires

You should know and trust whoever takes care of your scrap tires because if they do not responsibly follow state laws and illegally dump them, these tires can be traced back to your tire facility and you along with the scrap tire transporter can be held liable.

Illegal Accumulation of Tires

Because of this incident, the state of Illinois has disapproved the accumulation of tires in properties and tire shops. This is why Quick Tires gives you three suggestions:

1. You should always know who takes care of your scrap tires.
2. Whoever picks up your used tires should be a registered company and licensed by the state of Illinois.
3. The company should always give you an invoice with all of their information and the name of the company that they either own or work for.

About Tire Recycling

Tire recycling is the process of recycling vehicles' tires that are no longer in sound working conditions due to damages, and waste tires that are improperly handled can create a fire hazard and provide breeding ground for rodents and mosquitoes which carry disease. By recycling scrap tires from vehicles or commercial trucks, we can convert them to different products with various beneficial uses. For example, sidewall rings of tires are recycled as weights for road cones by the U.S Highway Department.

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